Input Learning Technologies offer a range of tailored services and solutions that specialise in the delivery and management of online educational materials. With over 14 years of experience in the design, delivery and maintenance of learning technology solutions, we understand the importance of creating a shared understanding of the client requirements, and working closely to investigate the most appropriate result.

Based in Edinburgh and working across Scotland and the UK we work closely our clients, or operate on a contractor or sub-contractor basis on established projects.

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Learning Environments

It is commonplace for training and learning to have an online presence, and a Learning Environment is now an essential tool to deliver content to your audience, manage the learners, and monitor progress and achievements. We are familiar with a wide-range of industry standard platforms, specialising in the commercial and open-source platforms used in Higher Education, Distance Learning, and MOOCs.


Often your course content may already exist, and you want to breathe new life into it and make it more engaging. Perhaps you have identified a specific topic area that requires more effort to make easier to understand. We can help review existing content, identify a number of alternative approaches and develop resources in collaboration with the content experts. This work may involve anything from standardising layouts, to developing interactive resources with video and animations.


As well as making content easy to navigate and digest our services include a number of approaches to help assess and analyse how well a learner has progressed through a resource or a course. We can provide solutions for certification, logging of progress, and electronic assessment and marking. From the outset we will look to understand what the key objective you have set for your learners and help to design approaches that are intuitive, scalable and sustainable.


Often a learning technology solution is part of a wider portfolio of online web presences for you and your company. Input Learning Technologies are experienced at UX evaluations, site design, and development of websites and web applications. We offer solutions for small information websites, larger content management platforms, and the development of online tools to support your workflows and processes.


The use of media for supporting content and information on your materials is increasingly important, and the ability to view it on different devices is now essential. We can support the creation of a variety of media elements such as photo, vector graphics, animations, and video.

Where media creation is a requirement we will work closely with you to identify what elements can be sourced externally, and where there is added value in developing your own content.


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